Backing up your computer online

Computer Backup Your Best Bet

You can lose all your important data forever if your computer’s hard drive fails right now. Digital pictures, school work or work files, audio or video files, the list is endless!

Today most of the people store all their important documents on their PC and never consider about using online computer backup solution. A completely safe data backup solution should be an important part of any computing environment. Best of all, online computer backup solution can be quite inexpensive as compared to the cost involved in recovering data from failed hard drive.

An online data backup solution can be easily used with the help of broadband connection. You need to install a small program on the host computer which acts a interface between online backup service and host computer.

It not only recognizes new files, but also the changes made in all old files. All changes are automatically synchronized to online database. There is no need for any user intervention at all!

All your files are totally safe as they are double encrypted on your PC before they are sent to an online backup database. All your data resides safely on this remote database using redundant technology. In case of any server failure, all your files are totally safe.

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