Do you have some very important files to protect and you are tired of backing it up manually? Well with an excellent backup software, you can easily secure all your valuable files and folders routinely. Simple and easy to use, this software not only helps all level of users to secure all their important data, it does it effectively and without any complication.

Why It Is So Important to Backup your Data

How many times you have been in a situation when your PC crashed and you lost all your essential data? Or your hard drive failed before hitting the save button while working on important file? Or worst, your system got infected by the virus and you were compelled to format your PC? Losing important files can disrupt your entire work in a disastrous way. Moreover, with the advent of evolving technologies in this Internet era, modern computers and laptops are easily accessible and even highly prone to so many vulnerable threats like spyware, adware and viruses.

So as a responsible computer user, back up becomes an essential task and for regular backups nothing can be as convenient as the online backup software. They not only safely protect all your valuable files and folders but also allow you to reach them from any device at any time from any part of the world. Fast, unlimited and very simple to use, this software is highly encrypted and very secure.

How Does It Work

The online backup software backups all the chosen files and folders with the help of a small desktop application. Being highly automated, the software does not require any of your involvement. It then adds up all the new files and saves all the changes to the files even after the completion of initial backup. The files selected are then uploaded over the Internet in a single place. From here, you can easily access all your important files and essential folders from any place and from any device.
Key Features

Synchronization – It allows you to easily synchronize all your files from any device. The software runs in the background and constantly backs up all your valuable data. The best advantage of this feature is you can start your work on your office PC and finish on your laptop at home without losing any data.

Easy Mobile Accessibility – Online backup software are not at all restricted to only computers and laptops. You can easily access all your backups from your Mobile phones, Tablets even where you are on the go.

Easy Sharing – You can easily share all your files – PDF, Excel, Photos and even MP3 songs with family and friends either on email or social networking sites like – Twitter and Facebook.

Fully Protected – All your files are encrypted and regularly monitored for safety and security throughout the day.

Easy and very convenient, this excellent software is 100% automated. In addition, it is not at all time consuming unlike conventional methods of backup. Very simple, it can be easily used by any level of computer user from any location with any device. It also maintains your privacy and protects your data.

A perfect backup solution, online backup software not only provides you with an excellent backup plan but also takes care of all your modern needs and requirements in a most effective way!

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